A fun new way to view your photos

aGENDA Website

Fleet, route and task management made easy.

aGENDA Mobile

Multi-platform mobile task management application.


An OS X application capable of reading and extracting contacts, messages, photos and notes from iOS backups.


GitHub Repositories

All of the projects I've published on GitHub.com

iCloud Recents Deleter

Python script to delete all of the recents from Messages, Mail and Maps on iCloud.


Terminal-based iCloud backup downloader.

Vagrant LAMP

Ubuntu LAMP server implemented with Vagrant.

JQuery UI Multi Selectable & Sortable

Snipping combining both JQuery UI Selectable and Sortable elements, allowing multiple items to be sorted at once.

StatHat Class

My simplified interface for updating statistics on StatHat.com


Why SnapDown?

Exploring a new medium

Movie Conversion Workflow

Configuring An iTunes Media Server